Author: Ruber, R.J.M.Y.
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THP034 The First Tests on Vertical Cryostat GERSEMI at FREIA Facility 921
  • J.P. Thermeau
    Laboratoire APC, Paris, France
  • K.J. Gajewski, L. Hermansson, R.J.M.Y. Ruber, R. Santiago Kern
    Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • T. Junquera, O. Kochebina
    Accelerators and Cryogenic Systems, Orsay, France
  A new vertical cryostat, called Gersemi, installed at FREIA Laboratory at Uppsala University, Sweden, is designed to test superconducting magnets and radio-frequency cavities and operates at temperatures between 1.8 K and 4.2 K. Two different inserts can be used to test different superconducting equipment: a helium saturated bath insert for cavities without a helium vessel and a λ-plate insert for magnet testing in superfluid helium pressurized bath. The cold vessel cryostat has an internal diameter of 1.1 m and a useful height of 3.5 m. A valve box supplies the cryostat with the cryogens (LN2, LHe, SHe) and is linked to a gas reheater. The last one is connected to a helium recovery circuit and to a helium pumping system (4.5 g/s at 16 mbar). The Gersemi vertical cryostat is a part of FREIA cryogenic facility which also contains a helium liquefier and a horizontal cryostat inside of a bunker allowing the test of superconducting cavity cryomodules. The first results of the cryogenic tests on this equipment are reported.  
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About • paper received ※ 23 June 2019       paper accepted ※ 04 July 2019       issue date ※ 14 August 2019  
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THP058 Conditioning Experience of the ESS Spoke Cryomodule Prototype 1011
  • A. Miyazaki, K. Fransson, K.J. Gajewski, L. Hermansson, H. Li, R.J.M.Y. Ruber, R. Santiago Kern, R. Wedberg
    Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  The prototype cryomodule for the ESS double spoke cavities is tested in the FREIA laboratory at Uppsala University. One of the goals of this test is to establish an efficient way to assess one series cryomodule within a due time (about one month). In 2017, the dedicated high-power test for dressed cavities in the horizontal cryostat (HNOSS) revealed that one of the possible challenges is a conditioning process of the coupler and cavity multipacting. Each process should not damage any components of the cryomodule but at the same time it should be finished in a reasonable time scale. More importantly, unlike the previous tests in the vertical or horizontal cryostat, conditioning two cavities in one cryomodule in due time may require parallel processing in some part of the procedure. This study will be the first practical experience of double spoke cavity conditioning in a cryomodule, and will lead to a standard conditioning recipe for future projects containing superconducting spoke cavities. In this presentation, a preliminary result of cryomodule testing will be shown with a special focus on the conditioning processes.  
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About • paper received ※ 01 July 2019       paper accepted ※ 03 July 2019       issue date ※ 14 August 2019  
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