Author: Martinez, A.
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MOP092 Overview of LCLS-II Project Status at Fermilab 302
  • R.P. Stanek, T.T. Arkan, J.N. Blowers, C.M. Ginsburg, A. Grassellino, C.J. Grimm, B.J. Hansen, E.R. Harms, B.D. Hartsell, J.P. Holzbauer, J.A. Kaluzny, A.L. Klebaner, A. Martinez, T.H. Nicol, Y.O. Orlov, K.S. Premo, N. Solyak, J. Theilacker, G. Wu
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois, USA
  The superconducting RF Continuous-Wave (CW) Linac for the LCLS-II consists of thirty-five 1.3 GHz and two 3.9 GHz cryomodules that Fermilab and Jefferson Lab are jointly producing in collaboration with SLAC. Fermilab’s scope of work is to build, test, and deliver half the 1.3 GHz and all the 3.9 GHz cryomodules and to design and procure components for the cryogenic distribution system. Fermilab has primary responsibility for delivering a working design. The cryomodule design basis was the European XFEL but several elements evolved to meet CW operation requirements and specifics of the SLAC tunnel. There have been several challenges faced during the design, assembly, testing and transportation of the cryomodules which have required design updates. Success in overcoming these challenges is attributable to the strength of the LCLS-II SRF Collaboration (Fermilab, Jefferson Lab and SLAC with extensive help from DESY and CEA/Saclay). The cryogenic distribution system has progressed relatively well and there are valuable Lessons Learned. An overview of the status, accomplishments, problems encountered, solutions developed, and a summary of Lessons Learned will be presented.  
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