Author: Dieudegard, F.
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THP033 Cryogenic Systems Studies for the MINERVA 100 MeV Proton SC LINAC Project 918
  • O. Kochebina, F. Dieudegard, T. Junquera
    Accelerators and Cryogenic Systems, Orsay, France
  • D. Vandeplassche
    SCK•CEN, Mol, Belgium
  The construction of the first phase of the MYRRHA project (MINERVA: 100 MeV-4 mA proton Linac) was recently decided by the Belgium Government. In the long term, the MYRRHA project plans to construct an ADS demonstrator for the transmutation of long-lived radioactive waste. It will include a subcritical reactor of 100 MW thermal power and a CW proton Linac accelerator (600 MeV-4 mA). The main challenge of this Linac is an extremely high reliability performance to limit stresses and long restart procedures of the reactor. The MINERVA Linac includes 30 cryomodules housing 60 Single-Spoke SC cavities. A cryomodule prototype with its valve box is under construction at IPNO institute. The cavities operate at 352 MHz in a superfluid Helium bath at 2K. Therefore, a reliable SC Linac Cryogenic System is essential. This article presents the preliminary studies in this subject including the analysis of high thermal loads induced by the CW mode operation of cavities (950 W@2 K per cryomodule). A Cryogenic Refrigerator with an equivalent power capacity of 2645 W @4.5 K (3970 W with 1.5 overcapacity factor) is proposed. The constrains for the He distribution in the Linac tunnel are also discussed.  
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