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RIS citation export for THP081: A Cryocooled Normal Conducting and Superconducting Hybrid CW RF Gun

AU  - Qian, H.J.
AU  - Barbanotti, S.
AU  - Gorchakov, A.A.
AU  - Gusarova, M.
AU  - Petersen, B.
AU  - Shu, G.
AU  - Stephan, F.
AU  - Vogel, E.
ED  - Michel, Peter
ED  - Arnold, André
ED  - Schaa, Volker RW
TI  - A Cryocooled Normal Conducting and Superconducting Hybrid CW RF Gun
J2  - Proc. of SRF2019, Dresden, Germany, 30 June-05 July 2019
CY  - Dresden, Germany
T2  - International Conference on RF Superconductivity
T3  - 19
LA  - english
AB  - Continuous wave (CW) photoinjectors have seen great progress in the last decades, such as DC gun, superconducting RF (SRF) gun and normal conducting (NC) gun. Developments of Free electron lasers and electron microscopy in the CW mode are pushing for further improvements of CW guns towards higher acceleration gradient, higher beam energy and compatibility with high QE cathodes for better beam brightness. Current SC gun gradient is limited by the cathode cell due to the complication of a cathode back plane and a normal conducting cathode plug, and R&D on SC gun improvement is ongoing. A high gradient cryocooled CW NC gun was proposed to house the high QE cathode, and a SC cavity immediately nearby gives further energy acceleration. In this paper, further RF optimization of the NC gun and ASTRA simulations of such a hybrid photoinjector are presented.
PB  - JACoW Publishing
CP  - Geneva, Switzerland
SP  - 1091
EP  - 1094
KW  - cavity
KW  - gun
KW  - cathode
KW  - acceleration
KW  - emittance
DA  - 2019/08
PY  - 2019
SN  - 978-3-95450-211-0
DO  - doi:10.18429/JACoW-SRF2019-THP081
UR  - http://jacow.org/srf2019/papers/thp081.pdf
ER  -