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RIS citation export for THFUA7: RF Performances of Nb₃Sn Coatings on a Copper Substrate for Accelerating Cavities Applications

AU  - Arzeo, M.
AU  - Bonura, M.
AU  - Fernandez, S.
AU  - Ilyina, E.A.
AU  - Rosaz, G.J.
AU  - Senatore, C.
AU  - Venturini Delsolaro, W.
ED  - Michel, Peter
ED  - Arnold, André
ED  - Schaa, Volker RW
TI  - RF Performances of Nb₃Sn Coatings on a Copper Substrate for Accelerating Cavities Applications
J2  - Proc. of SRF2019, Dresden, Germany, 30 June-05 July 2019
CY  - Dresden, Germany
T2  - International Conference on RF Superconductivity
T3  - 19
LA  - english
AB  - In the last decades, with the advancement of the bulk niobium technology for making superconducting RF (SRF) accelerating cavities, the expected theoretical limitations are being reached. For this reason superconducting materials alternative to niobium are being considered. One of the most promising among them is the Nb₃Sn alloy. The higher critical temperature and field makes it very attractive for SRF applications. The coating of superconducting Nb₃Sn films on a copper substrate has been optimized at CERN. Few micron thick films with excellent structural and morphological properties are prepared via DC magnetron sputtering of stoichiometric targets. While DC superconducting properties were measured along with the optimization of the coating methods, the RF performances were still unknown. In this talk we shall report on the results from the first complete RF characterization of such films. The surface resistance Rs is estimated as a function of both temperature and RF peak magnetic field at three different frequencies by means of the quadrupole resonator at CERN. The sensitivity of Rs to thermal cycling around Tc, and to trapped magnetic field, is also studied and presented.
PB  - JACoW Publishing
CP  - Geneva, Switzerland
ER  -