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RIS citation export for MOP055: Fabrication and Performance of Superconducting Quarter-Wavelength Resonators for SRILAC

AU  - Suda, K.
AU  - Hara, H.
AU  - Kako, E.
AU  - Kamigaito, O.
AU  - Miyamoto, A.
AU  - Nakai, H.
AU  - Ozeki, K.
AU  - Sakai, H.
AU  - Sakamoto, N.
AU  - Sennyu, K.
AU  - Umemori, K.
AU  - Watanabe, Y.
AU  - Yamada, K.
AU  - Yanagisawa, T.
ED  - Michel, Peter
ED  - Arnold, André
ED  - Schaa, Volker RW
TI  - Fabrication and Performance of Superconducting Quarter-Wavelength Resonators for SRILAC
J2  - Proc. of SRF2019, Dresden, Germany, 30 June-05 July 2019
CY  - Dresden, Germany
T2  - International Conference on RF Superconductivity
T3  - 19
LA  - english
AB  - A new superconducting booster linac (SRILAC) at the RIKEN heavy-ion linac is under construction. Ten 73-MHz low-beta quarter-wavelength resonators (QWRs) that operate at 4 K have been fabricated from pure niobium sheets. The cavity parts were assembled by electron beam welding. The resonant frequency for each cavity was adjusted by changing the lengths of the straight sections before welding. The performance and frequency were evaluated by vertical tests. All the cavities exceeded the design specifications of Q₀ = 1x10⁹ and E_{acc} = 6.8 MV/m. Details of the fabrication and frequency tuning as well as the performance of the cavities are reported.
PB  - JACoW Publishing
CP  - Geneva, Switzerland
SP  - 182
EP  - 187
KW  - cavity
KW  - linac
KW  - operation
KW  - cryomodule
KW  - acceleration
DA  - 2019/08
PY  - 2019
SN  - 978-3-95450-211-0
DO  - doi:10.18429/JACoW-SRF2019-MOP055
UR  - http://jacow.org/srf2019/papers/mop055.pdf
ER  -